[WIP] about.me - Gavin Henderson

A little bit about me and what I like working on

I am a 21 year old software engineer from Edinburgh currently studying and living in Dundee.

Disclaimer: This repo isnโ€™t designed to be a CV so please donโ€™t treat it as one.

I love playing with web tech and keeping up to date with all the latest web technology. These days I find myself building everything on the web (when im in control of the stack at least). This repo is a summation of everything Iโ€™ve done and hopefully things will be added and removed as I improve as a dev. I have fought letting this page becoming massive so if you want to see a history and a more in depth looks at what Iโ€™ve done have a look at my blog where I post monthly. My Blog

Other than developing I love coffee, reading and running and just relaxing with friends and family.

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Here you will find a little description about the projects in my portfolio. I have worked on a lot more projects than listed but these are the ones I am particularly proud of.

๐Ÿ’ป - Hackathon Project ๐ŸŽ“ - University Assignment