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Welcome to my new, and first, blog series cleverly name git ready. This series will be a post at the end of every month about a project that I have spent the month working on. Each post will outline what I am trying to achieve and learn and then I will contrast that with reflections on how the project went and what I actually learnt and what I plan to take forward.

Here is a little bit about myself. I am a Computing Science student going into my final year at the University of Dundee. I have spent the last two months interning at FindMyPast where I have learnt so much and I am very keen to keep my personal development going once I leave and go back into classes in September. I spend a lot of my free time working on side projects which are generally just whatever takes my fancy which has resulted in hundreds of unfinished projects.

One of my goals with this series to commit myself to delivering something in on a regular basis in order to put myself under time constraints to produce a complete piece of work. Usually when I start a project I find I don't have a time constraint so I work on it until I get bored, which usually results in me doing all the interesting bits and never doing the less interesting parts in order to bring it to a conclusion.

Another goal of this series is to force myself to articulate my ideas and why I chose to do things a certain way. During that process I hope to gain insight into the thoughts that go into a decision that didn't work out so I can learn from them and not make them in the future. I often find myself stuck in the same problems and I hope this will make me better at learning from my mistakes.

My overall goal of this series is to make myself a stronger software engineer in all aspects. I often rely on my technical abilities as a software engineer but I want this not to be the case and to be a software engineer who has a wider understanding of the field. I hope that if I learn these lessons now I can then apply them at university and onwards.

The projects I work on will vary greatly and I am not going to tie myself to a strict project outline that I need to stick too. Sometimes they might be something that solves a problem that has been solved before. I will chose a project like this when I am learning a new technology as this will allow me to focus more on learning than idea generation. Other times the projects will be trying to solve a problem that I feel hasn't yet been solved and those projects will use technologies I am comfortable with so I can focus on building a useful solution over learning new tech.

If you have anything you think I should try let me know! Ill posting my first post at the end of August so keep a lookout for it!

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