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November 30, 2018

This month kicked off catching up on work that had been put off because of my trip last month down to Google. I started by completed an assignment for Computer Vision. The part of the assignment I completed was pretty simple, I created a composite image generator in Matlab. I didn't learn a huge amount about Computer Vision but I can now debug a Matlab script pretty efficiently but I amnt sure thats a skill i want to have.

Next up was a pretty amazing trip to Helsinki to take part in Hack Junction with the troops. Hack Junction is the biggest hackathon in Europe so we thought that it was the best place to go in our final year of attending hackathons. We took on a data challenge set by Ericsson in the 'signalling heros' challenge. In this challenge we were given a bunch of data collected by an Ericsson tower and we were told to create a pipeline that could detect SS7 attacks. Practically, this meant trying to get a machine learning model that could detect anomaly in streams of data. As well as this we had to create a tool that could take PCAP files and parse them into the format we needed.

We didn't end up completing a tool that could do all these things. Its a bit of a bummer given that we went all the way to Helsinki for this hackathon and for the first time we came away without even finishing a challenge. We spent a fair amount of time the next day trying to figure out where we went wrong, which wasn't very hard. We dived right into the challenge code first and didn't really do any real research into the data we had or the attack we were trying to detect. This became an issue when we realised that we needed to start training are model and our accuracy scores were pretty much useless.

A collage of the hackathon in helsinki

Once we got back from Helsinki we all got back to the work that we were avoiding. For me that was an assignment for my graphics module. You can see the final outcome of my project here. WebGL can be pretty annoying to debug so this project was the most frustrating project I have done for a while but it was pretty rewarding to get it done.

This month was pretty non stop so its nice to finally be done with assignments, although now its exam time. Hopefully next months blog will be less hectic and I get to spend time on the projects I enjoy.

As always I would love any feedback people have.